Wednesday, 17 May 2017

A Quick Guide to Choose the Right Eyeglasses Frame

While looking for an ideal pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses, there are so many things strike the mind. Like, color, style, size, shape and frame. And, that is where you get confused because you have to strike a balance among all. While considering all these parameters, do you ever analyse one more thing? Face shape it is.

Your frame should be in contrast to your natural face shape else, it will make your look weird and might enhance some features. Like, if you have a round face shape, then avoid wearing rounded shapes just because you like them else your face will appear even round that it actually is. Rather, go for a square or a rectangular one to reduce the roundness of your face.  Similarly, there are some tips and guidelines as to how you can select from new trends of sunglasses and eyeglasses.

1. Oblong face shape- 

Oblong Shape
Oblong Face Shape

The appropriate sunglasses or eyeglasses for long face shape are more in depth than in length.

2. Square face shape-

Square Shape
Square Face Shape

This means the face a broad forehead and a strong jaw line. And, to make it look longer, choose ovals frames having more width than depth.

3. Oval face shape-

Oval Shape
Oval Face Shape

You are lucky if you have this face type, because an oval face has balanced proportions. You need to look for wider frames and walnut shaped frames that are neither too deep nor too narrow.

4. Diamond face shape-

Diamond Shape
Diamond Face Shape

A silhouette like this features broad cheekbones and narrow eye line and jawline. Therefore, the focus should be to highlight soften the cheekbone area and highlight the eyes. Opt for rimless frames, oval shaped frames or cat-eye eyeglasses for diamond face shape.

5. Heart face shape-

Heart Shape
Heart Face Shape

Broader forehead, narrow chin and jawline are the main characteristics of heart face shape. If your face shape is similar then, you will need a frame that can minimize the width at the top, creating an illusion of width at the bottom. So, opt for oval frames or round frames.

At Coolwinks, you will find all these types of frames designed to suit all kinds of face shapes. From trendy sunglasses to fashionable eyeglasses, the catalog offers you with so many options in these. Brands offering the eyewear collection here online include XSTYL, Graviate, JRS, Revlon, Reebok, etc. With some of the amazing online deals and discounts, you can save a lot on your online purchase.

Blue Cut Lenses to Save your Eyes from the Blue Light

The world today has become tech savvy and totally engrossed in gadgets. At homes, workplaces, shops, and almost everywhere, you will find people working on digital screens of mobiles, tablets, laptops and computer. But no one realizes that all throughout the day, it is the eyes that are constantly at work and that they are exposed to blue the harmful blue light which causes CVS.

Computer Vision Syndrome or CVS is a condition that is caused when you keep your eyes focused on a computer screen or any digital device for a longer time. Because, the blue light (has short wavelengths and more energy) that is emitted from different gadgets poses a threat to the retina of your eyes.

You can’t run away from these devices but you can always protect your eyes. So, it is always recommended that you go for blue cut lenses while buying a pair of eyeglasses.

Blue cut lenses are revolutionary lenses that feature a special blue light filter coating that returns the blue light and prevents it from passing through your eyeglass lenses.

Why Blue Cut Lenses are Good for the Eyes?

The specially coated blue cut lenses offer the following benefits to the users of computer, mobiles and other gadgets.

  • ·         These lenses help reduce eye strain while your eyes are at work
  • ·         Shield your eyes from the damaging blue light further protecting the retina
  • ·         Enable you to see clearly
  • ·         Suitable to be used in all frame shapes and styles

If you find yourself facing either of these symptoms, it is time to know that you need blue light computer glasses:
  • ·         Tired eyes
  • ·         Pain in the shoulders
  • ·         Headache
  • ·         Dryness and irritation in the eyes
  • ·         Blurred vision
  • ·         Focusing problems

But, before you buy blue light blocking glasses, it is recommended that you consult your eye care professional first.

At Coolwinks, you can browse eyeglasses as per your requirement and choices. Not only blue cut, but you will also find other types of coated lenses like photochromic, tinted, anti-reflective or anti-glare lenses. Also, you can look for power eyeglasses, computer glasses, reading glasses, power sunglasses and fashion sunglasses because there is a wide collections of premium eyeglasses and sunglasses. Brands include XSTYL, Graviate, and others.

In shapes and frame designs, there are so many choices like cat-eye frames, retro square, round glasses, etc.

Sunday, 14 May 2017

3 Major Benefits of Transitions Eyeglasses

Transitions or photochromic lenses are magical lenses made with a special technology. They quickly adapt to all lighting conditions to give your eyes the best and clear vision. When exposed to the sun, they become dark and within a few minutes, even darker and when in an enclosed environment, they automatically get back to their original color. Although, they are mostly used in sunglasses, people who need spectacles can also use them through Transitions eyeglasses. No matter how transitions lenses are used, what makes them great is the three benefits that they offer to the wearer, especially to those who wear power eyeglasses.

3 Major Benefits of Transitions Eyeglasses

1. Versatility

Eyeglasses frames with Transitions or photochromic lenses eliminate the need of carrying clear eyeglasses separately. Because you know, now that you have a pair of perfect transition eyeglasses, it will work as sunglasses as well as power glasses. You can wear them throughout the day in both- outdoor and indoor environments.

2. Smart Lenses

You might be thinking that the technology behind the working of Transitions lenses must be something complex. No, that is not true. In fact, it is simple. The effortless change of color happens due to a complex formula of photochromic molecules that make different shades possible like light, dark and everything in between.

3. They are Simply Good

Reduce Eyestrain- When you are wearing regular power eyeglasses, your eyes constantly struggle to adjust to the lighting conditions. Ultimately, they get tired and you start experiencing eyestrain. This is where Transitions eyeglasses help. They filter the light so that your eyes stay relaxed all day long.

Protect from the UV rays- You may not realize but you are surrounded by the harmful UV rays all the year round which can lead to vision problems. Wearing eyeglasses with Transitions lenses can protect your eyes from these rays by blocking them 100%.

Restrict glare- Glare can be distracting and discomforting to the eyes. If you wear these Transitions glasses, they can block the glare from getting into your eyes so that you can see without any problems.

If looking for a pair of eyeglasses, head to and shop from a wide range of spectacles. Newest range and attractive colors are available at all price ranges. In shapes, you can select rectangular, cat-eye, and more offered by top brands named- Graviate, XSTYL and others. At Coolwinks, you can also look for high quality glasses frames for reading and the times when you need to work on a computer.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Where to Buy Pilot Sunglasses Online in India

Pilot sunglasses are favorite amongst most men and women. It is one of the highest selling sunglasses frame styles in the world. This guide is prepared to help you if you were wondering where to buy pilot sunglasses in best prices in India with discount coupons for an affordable purchase.

pilot shaped eyewear

Best pilot sunglasses in India

If you were on the hunt for some exceptionally good quality sunglasses in the pilot look then the following brands will quench your thirst for branded pilot sunglasses.

l  Foster Grant - The number one brand in the world for sunglasses. Try their signature edition of black pilot sunglasses. They also have mirrored pilot sunglasses with the latest trends in their new collection for India. They are the world’s oldest manufacturer of sunglasses and their polarized pilot sunglasses are one of the best.
l  LA Express - A brand that has come to India all the way from Los Angeles bring you the best in fashion trends and contemporary styling for your blue pilot sunglasses. You can get pilot sunglasses for men in varying shapes and styles from this brand. Square pilot sunglasses from LA Express is one of the hottest selling eyewear products in the market today.
l  Reebok - Leading high performance sportswear brand also makes excellent quality mirrored pilot sunglasses. Their line-up includes some excellent quality eyewear. If you are still thinking where to buy pilot sunglasses for active lifestyle, then don’t forget to see the newest collection from this brand. 
l  Revlon - Pilot sunglasses for women are highly popular and one of the most famous brands in the world catering exclusively to women makes them really well. Their polarized pilot sunglasses are a hit amongst women across all age groups. The contemporary styling is always in vogue and has turned many girls into fashionistas setting the trend wherever they are.

Where can I buy pilot sunglasses online?

You can buy high quality pilot sunglasses online in India from Coolwinks. The number one retailer and dedicator online store for selling pilot sunglasses in India.

Coolwinks provides huge discounts on the original price to make it easier for yours to purchase the branded sunglasses of your dreams! You can now select the best black pilot sunglasses from our collection to achieve the perfect image you were after.

Cost to put prescription lenses in pilot sunglasses

When you buy from Coolwinks we do installation of prescription lenses into spectacle frames and sunglasses frames at no additional cost. If the frame you are selecting is suitable for installation of prescription lenses, then unlike a retail store this service is provided to our customers at no additional cost.

You can go ahead, purchase from Coolwinks, and get the best deals and discounts on your purchases. Our customer support agents are highly rated in the industry and our free shipping and hassle free return policies will delight you.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

How to Get Best Deals on Pilot Sunglasses Online

Pilot sunglasses online purchases have shot through the roof. They are one of the most popular styles of sunglasses and one of the highest selling frame shape. During the First World War when American pilots took to the sky, their flight cockpits offered no protection against the intense sunrays at higher altitudes. It became increasingly difficult to fly at those speeds in combat environment and they needed a solution.

wide selection of sunglasses in pilot shape

Bausch & Lomb were entrusted to make the perfect eyewear for pilots, which later came known to be as the pilot sunglasses. Because, it does not matter if you are a pilot or not as there is nothing stopping you from looking just as good!

How many frame shapes will I find when I shop for pilot sunglasses online?

Pilot sunglasses for faces shape come in many different frame styles. They match a variety of face shapes so you can simply go ahead and buy ones that you like the most.

l  Classic Teardrop - Are the perfect pilot sunglasses for small face and it is the classic shape of pilot that has been around for over 70 years. You can buy these pilot sunglasses online easily on a website such as Coolwinks.
l  Navigator - if you are looking for pilot sunglasses for oval face shape then this is a good option. Many sailors love this shape of pilot sunglasses owing to the name of this sub-style of pilot sunglasses for face shape.
l  Sporty - as the name suggests this is a cool and sporty style recommended for round faces and is commonly worn by people who love pilot sunglasses but need a sporty variant of these sunnies.

Will a pilot style suit my face shape? 

If you are purchasing a pair of pilot sunglasses online from any of the following shapes then it is likely to suit you comfortably as long as it conforms to your face shape. Pilot frames are known to suit most people so you will just have to experiment a little. 

Top pilot sunglasses brands in India

Pilot frames are extremely popular with the young and old. It gives off a charming look to your outfit and personality. Top pilot sunglasses brands sold in India are:

l  Foster Grant - World’s oldest sunglasses maker sells a number of exciting pilot sunglasses online through their new signature edition now available in India.
l  JRS - Known for their wide collection of pilot sunshades, they are quite popular in India too.
l  LA Express - Pilot sunglasses for face shape are quite popular from a brand that is new to India but brings excellent products all the way from Los Angeles!
l  Osse - a high performance brand focused on making eyewear for anyone with active lifestyle. Their range of sunglasses are also popular in India.
l  Revlon - World’s top brand for women also makes excellent eyewear with a new collection that sports excellent pilot style sunglasses.

Where to buy discounted pilot sunglasses online in India? 

You can buy pilot sunglasses online India at discount prices at Coolwinks. They give out discount coupon codes on regular basis so that you can buy your favorite brands at highly affordable prices.