Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Where to Buy Pilot Sunglasses Online in India

Pilot sunglasses are favorite amongst most men and women. It is one of the highest selling sunglasses frame styles in the world. This guide is prepared to help you if you were wondering where to buy pilot sunglasses in best prices in India with discount coupons for an affordable purchase.

pilot shaped eyewear

Best pilot sunglasses in India

If you were on the hunt for some exceptionally good quality sunglasses in the pilot look then the following brands will quench your thirst for branded pilot sunglasses.

l  Foster Grant - The number one brand in the world for sunglasses. Try their signature edition of black pilot sunglasses. They also have mirrored pilot sunglasses with the latest trends in their new collection for India. They are the world’s oldest manufacturer of sunglasses and their polarized pilot sunglasses are one of the best.
l  LA Express - A brand that has come to India all the way from Los Angeles bring you the best in fashion trends and contemporary styling for your blue pilot sunglasses. You can get pilot sunglasses for men in varying shapes and styles from this brand. Square pilot sunglasses from LA Express is one of the hottest selling eyewear products in the market today.
l  Reebok - Leading high performance sportswear brand also makes excellent quality mirrored pilot sunglasses. Their line-up includes some excellent quality eyewear. If you are still thinking where to buy pilot sunglasses for active lifestyle, then don’t forget to see the newest collection from this brand. 
l  Revlon - Pilot sunglasses for women are highly popular and one of the most famous brands in the world catering exclusively to women makes them really well. Their polarized pilot sunglasses are a hit amongst women across all age groups. The contemporary styling is always in vogue and has turned many girls into fashionistas setting the trend wherever they are.

Where can I buy pilot sunglasses online?

You can buy high quality pilot sunglasses online in India from Coolwinks. The number one retailer and dedicator online store for selling pilot sunglasses in India.

Coolwinks provides huge discounts on the original price to make it easier for yours to purchase the branded sunglasses of your dreams! You can now select the best black pilot sunglasses from our collection to achieve the perfect image you were after.

Cost to put prescription lenses in pilot sunglasses

When you buy from Coolwinks we do installation of prescription lenses into spectacle frames and sunglasses frames at no additional cost. If the frame you are selecting is suitable for installation of prescription lenses, then unlike a retail store this service is provided to our customers at no additional cost.

You can go ahead, purchase from Coolwinks, and get the best deals and discounts on your purchases. Our customer support agents are highly rated in the industry and our free shipping and hassle free return policies will delight you.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

How to Get Best Deals on Pilot Sunglasses Online

Pilot sunglasses online purchases have shot through the roof. They are one of the most popular styles of sunglasses and one of the highest selling frame shape. During the First World War when American pilots took to the sky, their flight cockpits offered no protection against the intense sunrays at higher altitudes. It became increasingly difficult to fly at those speeds in combat environment and they needed a solution.

wide selection of sunglasses in pilot shape

Bausch & Lomb were entrusted to make the perfect eyewear for pilots, which later came known to be as the pilot sunglasses. Because, it does not matter if you are a pilot or not as there is nothing stopping you from looking just as good!

How many frame shapes will I find when I shop for pilot sunglasses online?

Pilot sunglasses for faces shape come in many different frame styles. They match a variety of face shapes so you can simply go ahead and buy ones that you like the most.

l  Classic Teardrop - Are the perfect pilot sunglasses for small face and it is the classic shape of pilot that has been around for over 70 years. You can buy these pilot sunglasses online easily on a website such as Coolwinks.
l  Navigator - if you are looking for pilot sunglasses for oval face shape then this is a good option. Many sailors love this shape of pilot sunglasses owing to the name of this sub-style of pilot sunglasses for face shape.
l  Sporty - as the name suggests this is a cool and sporty style recommended for round faces and is commonly worn by people who love pilot sunglasses but need a sporty variant of these sunnies.

Will a pilot style suit my face shape? 

If you are purchasing a pair of pilot sunglasses online from any of the following shapes then it is likely to suit you comfortably as long as it conforms to your face shape. Pilot frames are known to suit most people so you will just have to experiment a little. 

Top pilot sunglasses brands in India

Pilot frames are extremely popular with the young and old. It gives off a charming look to your outfit and personality. Top pilot sunglasses brands sold in India are:

l  Foster Grant - World’s oldest sunglasses maker sells a number of exciting pilot sunglasses online through their new signature edition now available in India.
l  JRS - Known for their wide collection of pilot sunshades, they are quite popular in India too.
l  LA Express - Pilot sunglasses for face shape are quite popular from a brand that is new to India but brings excellent products all the way from Los Angeles!
l  Osse - a high performance brand focused on making eyewear for anyone with active lifestyle. Their range of sunglasses are also popular in India.
l  Revlon - World’s top brand for women also makes excellent eyewear with a new collection that sports excellent pilot style sunglasses.

Where to buy discounted pilot sunglasses online in India? 

You can buy pilot sunglasses online India at discount prices at Coolwinks. They give out discount coupon codes on regular basis so that you can buy your favorite brands at highly affordable prices.

Friday, 23 December 2016

Which are Best Eyeglasses for Your Face Shape?

The changing lifestyles and habits have resulted in a sheer rise in people purchasing and wearing eyeglasses. All age groups have different requirements for eyeglasses. With so many options out there, go for best eyeglasses for your face shape. One best option is to get huge collection of eyeglasses and prescription eyeglasses online.

how to select eyeglasses according to your face shape

As the demand increased, it became necessary to cater to the needs of all these people who are looking for comfort, style and quality. The eyewear industry too has evolved in leap and bounds. Today you have enormous numbers of options when it comes to eyewear.

·           Online shopping of eyewear gives you more options when it comes to best eyeglasses for your face shape.
·           You can buy top branded eyeglasses on heavy discounts if you buy them online.
Eyewear and fashion go hand in hand like you would never like to wear a dress that doesn’t suit you, similarly, you should always buy your frames that suit your face shape.

A few tips to help you know your face shape better

·           The first step to do this is to measure your face that will help you get the best fitting glasses frames.
·           Stand in front of a mirror with a measuring tape. Now measure from one side of the cheekbone to other to get the total length of your cheekbones.
·           Next measure your jawline, forehead width and face length.
·           Once you know the measurements it would be easy to do shopping for your eyewear.

What are different eyeglasses shapes?

Oval Shaped Eyeglasses:
oval face shape glasses

  • Extremely fashionable eyeglasses that goes with all face shape. Go for oval shape glasses if you are looking for a stylish, contemporary yet vintage look. They are classy and look good on young men and women.

                                                                       Round Shaped Eyeglasses:

round face shape glasses

  • This shape was introduced in the 1960s and 70s. From that time, it never went out of fashion, a perfect example of a retro vintage collection. These round frames also go well with almost all face shapes.

  Rectangle Shaped Eyeglasses:

rectangle face shape glasses

  • If you are fashion conscious and looking for some different looks to try that make you look different from the crowd, go for rectangle frames. These shape of frames are liked by all age groups. They are suitable for office-going professionals as well as students. These frames look good on round face shape.

Heart Shaped Eyeglasses:

heart face shape glasses

  • Definitely style with a difference, sexy, romantic, fun with an element of drama. These look good on young girls with loads of style and energy. These eye catchy frame promise you will never go unnoticed with this one.
Square Shaped Eyeglasses

square face shape glasses

  • These have angular frames and are equal in length and width. Square frames look good on oblong, round and oval face shapes.

Diamond Shaped Eyeglasses:

diamond face shape glasses
     ·           You can also buy artificial diamond studded eyeglasses, you can try this different style.

When you are looking for best eyeglasses for your face shape, apart from frame shapes, color analysis is also an important factor. The eyeglass must look good on your personal coloring which can be cool (blue based) or warm (yellow based). You must buy eyewear based on the colors of hair, skin and eyes. These tips will help you in the long run when you are purchasing glasses for your face.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Where to Buy Cat Eye Black Sunglasses?

Wearing Cat eye black sunglasses is adopting a true vintage style in the modern age. This shaped sunglass has been popular among women from generations. In case you are thinking where to get the latest designs of cat eye sunglasses India?  The best option is to go for the online shopping.
These stylish and eye catchy frames can be teamed up with any casual or formal wear. It looks extremely good with both casual and formal attire. Cat eye sunglasses are endorsed by popular celebrities like Madonna and Jennifer Lopez.

The element of naughtiness in the cat eye black sunglasses promises you will make an impact in terms of style sense.
The style has its origin in the 1950s and early 1960s. This style has always been in fashion and looks sexy and feminine on the ladies.
You must be wondering, cat eye sunglasses for what shape of face, well, you will be happy to know that these feline shades look good on almost all face shapes. So, when looking for classy and glamorous sunnies, go for these shades and you will never regret wearing one.
All top brands have come up with their own interpretations of cat eye black sunglasses. The contemporary designs give an interesting twist to this vintage style.
You can buy all top brands of the feline sunglasses like Foster Grant or Dior cat eye sunglasses black online.

Which is the best brand for oversized cat eye sunglasses black?

Dior: Cat eye sunglasses black ensures the best protection blended with the modern and elegant styling. These are exclusive frames made of cutting edge materials.

Foster Grant: Their vintage and polarized collections are extremely popular and contribute significantly in their high sale in the US and worldwide. They are one of the oldest brands of sunnies and makes attractive frames for men and women.

Revlon:  Their cat eye sunnies or any other sunglasses oozes out glamour and these are surely for the urban ladies who are stylish and know how to make strong style statements with their accessories. When buying sunglasses for face shape female, cat eye sunglasses are always a good choice.

LA Express: This new brand is actually owned by Foster Grant. The amazing detailing to designs make the eye glasses stylish and appealing to the young generation of men and women. The origin has its roots in LA which reflect in their designs. Buy cat eye sunglasses round face or for all other face shapes, you are never going to regret your purchase.

Chanel black cat eye sunglasses: Buy premium, expensive and extremely stylish shades from Chanel. These glasses promise style, sophistication and elegance to the wearer. Choose carefully and proudly add one or more to your sunnies collection. Buy cat eye sunglasses for square face or any other face shape. A Chanel’s shade is always to be flaunted, the designs compel you to show off!

JRS Sunglasses: If you are looking for affordable yet stylish and quality shades, go for this brand.

You can buy these glasses online in India from websites like Coolwinks. They are dedicated to selling the best quality sunglasses in the market and you can get the cheapest deals online from Coolwinks at any time of the year.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Where to Buy Stylish Sunglasses for Men?

Sunglasses are not only popular for its great health benefits and the UV protection it provides to your eyes but also for making a strong style statement anywhere in the world. There are ample stylish sunglasses for men available online. Choose from top designer sunglasses for men and you are ready to go.

When you wear the right frame as per your face shape you always attract attention. Who wouldn’t love to feel the celebrities’ kind of feeling when a few heads turn towards you totally enchanted by your super cool style. This the best way to become a style icon amongst your peers today.

·           Eyewear industry has evolved immensely in terms of style and quality. All top brands are leaving no stone unturned in order to get buyer’s attention.
·           Brands pay great attention to the design details and that’s one of the primary factors that lures the customer to the brand.
·           Choose your sunnies among stylish sunglasses for men available online.
·           The style conscious men of today are no less than their female counterparts when it comes to the understanding of fashion. For all the trendsetter males out there, extremely stylish prescription sunglassesare available online
·           Buy designer sunglasses for men that come in different shapes to suit the requirements of all face shapes.

How to choose the best stylish glasses for men?

·           When buying sunglasses or any other eyeglasses, you should pick what will look good on you.
·           Cheap stylish sunglasses are going to change your looks and despite their low price you will feel like a celebrity.
·           There are so many brands and shapes available so you need not worry about how you are going to look, choose the sunnies that are the most suitable for your face shape.
·           All top brands have their own versions of stylish sunglasses for men for different face shapes.
·           You can buy cheap stylish sunglasses online for all face shapes.

What are different shapes of stylish sunglasses for men?

·           Rectangular sunglasses: These frames are rectangular that is long in width but short lengthwise. If you are looking for the best sunglasses for round face men, you can go for rectangular framed sunnies.
·           These shades will also look good on short-faced men. However, when buying rectangular frames for oval face shape, try to go for softer edges.  You can buy rectangular branded sunglasses for mens online.
·           Wraparound sunglasses: These are extremely stylish sunnies that can make the wearer look like an athlete. If buying online do check out discount offers on sunglasses in India. This style of sunglasses covers eyes from all around and leave no space for UV rays to enter directly.
·           Square-shaped sunglasses: The lenses are of the same length and width. Usually oversized, these sunnies look best on round or narrow-faced men. The oversized lenses provide extra protection to the eyes.

If looking for trendy sunglasses online India, you can choose from a variety of wraparound and other shapes of frames. You can buy stylish sunglasses online on heavy discounts and offers. Online shopping has made it very convenient to pick up glasses of your choice.

If you are buying sunglasses or prescription eyeglasses online, always buy from a trusted eyewear portal such as Coolwinks. Ensure the website you are selecting offers free shipping to your pin code and hassle free returns if you need to return an item for an exchange or refund.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Best Sunglasses Site in India

Online sunglasses shopping is a big activity in India. Best online sunglasses website are not hard to find. Due to the rise of online shopping, the trends have caught up with the consumer demand for buying cheap sunnies at affordable prices. If you were wondering which was the best website to buy sunglasses in India then in this article we will tell you how to go about online sunglasses shopping from these websites.

buy stylish sunglasses at low prices

Sunglasses are really popular everywhere in the world. They are known as one of the top personal accessories for men and women across the world. They protect your eyes from the harmful rays of sunlight. Most sunglasses offer a minimum UV rating of UV 400 which protects your eyes against 99% of UVA and UVB rays present in the sun light.

Men and women love sunglasses that come with polarized lenses with photochromic light sensing properties. Eyeglasses online shopping India has made it possible to get these type of glasses at low rates. Most of the time they are very cheap owing to the discounts on your purchases on these sunglasses. Discounted eyewear shopping has become a rage in the country as everyone opting to shop online at discounted prices.

Best website to buy sunglasses in India

India has many websites but after thoroughly researching for weeks we have found out that is the best sunglasses site in India. They are a dedicated online site for sunglasses, eyeglasses, prescription eyewear and biking sunglasses. They are a highly reputed company dealing in sunglasses for men and women.

Coolwinks is the best website to buy sunglasses in India because they make the world around you a better place. From our research into the company’s background we found out that they donate 5% of their product sale into ‘Eye Mitra’ or Vision Ambassador campaigns in India. This has helped thousands of poor people in improving their vision. Their support of Essilor’s Vision Foundation has helped scores of men and women in India.

Best place to buy discount sunglasses

Coolwinks provides discount coupon codes on a regular basis. You can use this code to shop for your favorite brand of sunglasses at cheap prices. You can get your computer glasses online shopping at discounted rates and at low prices on their website. Their customer care are extremely helpful and are known to be optical experts waiting to assist your with your queries.

CoolWinks offers free shipping and cash on delivery on all your purchases. You can now enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience when buying sunglasses for girls from the comfort of your home. Their website uses SSL encryption to protect your personal data when you are using their website.

Their payment gateway is secure and you have a choice to pay usin Credit or debit card, Net Banking or Cash on Delivery. These facilities have resulted in a high ranking for Coolwinks amongst online sunglasses shopping websites in India

Online sunglasses shopping sites are many but quality websites selling high quality products at great discounts are rare. You can shop from Coolwinks with a complete peace fo mind as they made it worth your time and their products have a fair price which ensures you get the best bang for your buck when shopping with them.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Perfect Eyeglasses Prescription For Computer Use at Work

If you are eyes are feeling dried up after long hours of staring at the computer. If they are drying up after a long work day then you might want to use computer glasses that reduce strain on your eyes and make it easier for you to work. Prescription eyeglasses for computer users is what you need. Our lives are dependent on the use of the technology but it comes at the cost of ruining your eyes in the long run if you are careless about them.

anti reflective glasses for computer users online shopping india

l  If you work for over 10 hours everyday on your computer it’s common to experience eye strain, headaches, blurred vision, red eyes and other symptoms of computer vision syndrome (CVS).
l  This can happen because your eyes are continuously changing focus from the keyboard to the computer screen.
l  The varying distance can often cause eye strain. This is evident with age especially for people above 40 years of age who can suffer from presbyopia.
l  It’s a loss of vision’s near-focusing ability due to the natural process of aging.
l  Best cheap computer glasses are often useful in treating some of these symptoms.

Computer glasses differ from regular eyewear. Computer glasses prescription has special coating on its lenses that reduces glare and eliminates eye strain thanks to the special tint on the glasses. They are also sometimes known as computer reading glasses.

l Many of us who suffer from eye strain or blurred vision while working tend to working by leaning forward.
l They try to see through the bottom of their regular glasses sometimes.
l All of these results in a aching back, nech and shoulders that remain sore for days.
l You need to get excellent quality eyeglasses prescription for computer use to eliminate these problems.

Coolwinks offers best cheap computer glasses

If you were wondering where to buy computer glasses in India then fear not as Coolwinks offers the best quality computer reading glasses at affordable pricing.

l You can buy eyeglass prescription for computer use affordably online.
l The prices are highly affordable and with Coolwinks discount coupon codes you can easily get over 65% off on mrp.
l Coolwinks provides free shipping and cash on delivery on all their products and this further reduces the cost of your computer reading glasses.
l Single vision computer glasses can be easily bought off from the Coolwinks online sunglasses and eyeglasses shopping store.
l The modified lenses on these computer glasses prescription are purpose built.
l Buy computer reading glasses with anti-reflective coating also known as anti-glare coating.
l You can also use tinted glasses that block out the blue light emitted from your computer screens.

Don’t buy over the counter reading glasses for use with your computer. They are not very useful for this application. You can use single vision computer glasses or computer glasses prescription with progressive lenses. Bifocal and trifocal lenses are also available with anti-glare coating which will serve your needs completely.

Perfect eyeglasses prescription for computer use ensure you don’t have to strain your body too much when working on the computer. Meet your optometrist to get a prescription and shop online with discount Coolwinks offers anytime.
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